Stachyurus chinensis Celina

Stachyurus chinensis Celina

Stachyurus chinensis Celina

Water Lily Tulips


The sun is out and so are the Water Lily Tulips. The bees are loving them.
And then as the sun goes in and so have the tulips.


Ghostly white in the garden

rubus rosaceae
Rubus fraxinifolius is beautifully white, almost ghostly looking in the garden. It looks spectacular.

The plant in the garden has formed a thicket of purple stems with a white bloom that can be wiped off. The plant is very rare, I bought it from Cally Gardens in 2014
It has grown very quickly. As it can get involved in growing into other plants I tied it back to a frame so that, as it grows, it will go backwards into the hedge. It has grey, green ferny foliage in the summer. I haven’t had any fruit off it yet.

Protection from frosts

clothes horse for pineapple
I acquired an old clothes horse, the original owner was given it in 1956. I had thrown the clothes horse on the skip when frosts had been forecasted. I was protecting my plants, wrapping them in fleece that stops frosts and thought the clothes horse would make a great triangular frame. Underneath the protection is a Pineapple Guava.